Effective Wine Storage Solution for Wine Collection Enthusiast

by Administrator 21. April 2013 19:24

Once in a year the good food and wine show comes to Sydney. Over the weekend of June 28-30, you can wander with your wine glass tasting wines, ports, beers, spirits and champagne from international destinations and also our own home grown famous wine regions.

It’s a great day to taste many different wines and learn about different regions and grapes. Wine is like art and is very personal dependent on your tastes. You may enjoy some Adelaide Hills Chardonnay or you may favour a clean crisp New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. Both ways the food and wine show is a great place to try something new or find something you love. The exhibitors often have really good deals on cases too so it’s a great place to add to or increase your wine collection.

It’s a good idea if buying in bulk or setting up your own collection to look at professional wine storage Sydney based facilities. From private vaults to larger cellar like facilities, these offsite units come with temperature control, security and your own key so you can come and go as you please. A reputable wine storage facility can even take your delivery for you! So you can order at the food and wine show and organise to have shipped directly to your wine storage facility.

A wine storage facility can be a great option if you have a large number of bottles and of course want to protect your collection of wine from getting spoiled. Speak to the exhibitors about tips on how to store your wine correctly or speak to an expert who can explain the benefits of using offsite wine storage services for you and your bottles.


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How to Start Your Own Wine Collection?

by Administrator 19. March 2013 22:49

Have you always wanted to start your own wine collection? Do you understand wine or just know what you like? Do you know how to store your wine correctly so it doesn’t get spoiled?

Here are some quick tips for starting up your very own wine collection: -

1)    Start small. Don’t blow a huge budget on a range of wines when you are inexperienced. Learn the tricks of the trade first and follow your own path.
2)    Set aside a fixed budget that you can afford each month, don’t over stretch yourself at the beginning, remember wine collecting is an investment but values can go down as well as up.
3)    Keep an inventory of what you have; as your wine collection grows you will need to refer to it. A reputable off-site wine storage facilities can assist you with inventory of your wines.
4)    Do your homework, read as much as you can, join blogs, twitter feeds and attend meetings and festivals where you can, in no time you will be a confident wine collector!
5)    Protect your investment, do not over handle your wine and keep it in the right conditions as wines can easily spoil. A wise choice is to choose an off-site purpose built wine vaults which can start small (locker size) and go up to full wine cellar. Keeping them off-site at a purpose build wine storage facilities means your investment is temperature controlled, secure and doesn’t take up space in your home.

Take time to look for a wine facility that suits the needs of your collection. The right facility can give you handy tips as well as take delivery and dispatch your wines for you. It’s also good to partner up with people who are passionate about wine who can help you on your way as you start collecting.


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Getting Trusted Wine Bottle Storage Facility in Sydney

by Administrator 14. February 2013 02:38

There are some great wineries in NSW in particular the world-renowned Hunter Valley. A few hours out of Sydney and you are greeted with great vineyards, cellar doors, fantastic wine tasting tours and delicious local produce. There are some great case deals to be had, but when you bring your wine back from the Hunter you want to keep it tasting as good as it should. So why not buy in bulk and store your wine in a purpose built wine storage facility. It’s just like having your own wine cellar!

A professional wine bottle storage facility comes in various sizes. From private vaults which hold 8+ cases of wine to larger cellar like facilities. They often come with their own key so only you can access the facility. Vaults and cellars are also temperature controlled with the right ventilation and protected from the weather elements to bring out the best in your wine and keep it in perfect condition. Any reputable storage facility will also give the vaults a regular shot of ozone to guard the wine collection from mould and bacteria.

People who are zealous about wine and the wine industry run the best wine storage facilities. As they have professional knowledge and skill, they know better and take care of your wine in the best possible way. Advances in technology mean you can now access great benefits such as receiving and shipping notices which help you keep track of your valued collection along with facilitating a wine management system so you can keep control of your wine from your own laptop or mobile. Strong packing and well-built trolleys will shield your wine in transportation along with great on hand support and acquaintance from staff.

So you may be thinking of heading off to the Hunter to start your wine collection and need some advice on where to start with storage. The best thing to do is to speak to a specialist who can explain the benefits of utilizing an off-site wine storage in Sydney for your precious wine bottles.

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Do I need Wine Storage?

by Administrator 16. November 2012 01:09

If you are a wine collector or just love a great bottle of wine on special occasions you may wish to consider Wine Storage. Wine storage cellars and lockers keep your wine in perfect conditions which is great for an existing or growing collection.

A reputable wine storage facility provides much more than a room with temperature control. Think about your favourite boutique winery or cellar door and a good wine storage facility should have the same environment for storing wine.

In addition to temperature control, the humidity is carefully monitored and ozone injection is carried out to combat mould and bacteria which can invade and destroy the wine.

Wine Storage spaces can come in a variety of sizes from a wine locker size of a full cellar vault. Usually starting at a size holding 8 cases you should be able to up or downsize depending on whether you collect, sell or drink your wine!  A good facility also usually offers discounts to rent paid 6 or 12 months in advance.

Wine storage services these days also offer state of the art security options. Vaults are often alarmed and hallways monitored with CCTV. You are the only key holder for your space so you know your collection is protected.  Some also have PIN code access to the cellar itself with each individual locker or vault individually alarmed.

Do some research and look for a wine storage facility that suits the needs of your collection.  Look for a facility that offers a range of sizes and storage options to suit your needs and if you are new to wine collecting and not sure where to start; speak to an expert at Wine Storage Sydney who will answer any question you may have.



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Efficient Wine Storage Facility

by Administrator 16. October 2012 22:36

What is a wine storage facility and do you even need one?

Well, a wine storage facility is not just a lock up site to store cases of wine and other items. It’s a storage facility specifically created to keep your wine collection at its best.  Just think of your favourite boutique winery or cellar and a good facility should have the same environment for storing wine. 

Temperature control is of course important but look out for a wine storage facility that also monitors the humidity. There should also be ozone injection to the wine storage facility, which combats moulds and bacteria that can invade and destroy your wine. If the temperature and humidity isn’t quite right, it can damage or spoil your wine.

A good wine storage facility should also offer different sized storage spaces to rent; as you may either upsize or downsize your collection of wines. Most wine lockers go up or down in size by 8 cases; thus you can change spaces up or down depending on whether you collect or decide to drink your wine. A good facility also offers package deals too; this will enable you to store efficiently and maximise the money left over to invest in your next shipment of wine.

Wine storage facilities these days also generally offer a state of the art security. Wine lockers are usually fully alarmed with back to base monitoring and hallways are normally under camera surveillance. You are the sole key holder for your wine storage space; thus access is secured and only you can open and close your locker.

If you are serious about your wine or are a passionate collector; you may want to think about a wine storage facility near you. Speak to an expert at Sydney Wine Storage who will answer any question you may have.

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